Amy Owen is a singer songwriter creating a beautiful blend of emotive soul and honest pop.

I’ve always believed this saying do be very important “do what you love and love what you do” and I love music! Music is escapism, happiness, dancing, laughing, loving, memories… the list goes on. It is something to each one of us.  I want my music to move people. I want them to be captivated by it whether they feel the overwhelming urge to dance, they want to cry or maybe they just want to zone out and free their mind.

I’m lucky enough to work as a professional singer. It has been a long time in the making! When I was studying performing arts I was a fairly confident dancer but I really struggled with my voice. I could sing at home, belt out my idol Whitney Houston but when I got into college surrounded by all these other talented teachers and students it just wouldn’t come out. I had this gentle pure voice, which was enough to get me by to start with but the frustration with the lack of control over my nerves became too much. By the time I was rehearsing to perform my final showcase in the West End I was a mess! I got through my years of training and began work as a singing waitress in London (Archer Street Cocktail Bar). This is where I starting singing more pop in public and my confidence started to improve. Every new step was a battle with nerves; auditions, new bands, new venues, weddings etc. It has taken years of pushing myself to perform as well as reading about nerves and mental health to get where I am today. The nerves still creep in in new situations but I have control over my voice now.

Sharing my own original music for the first time was absolutely terrifying but when it came to my first performance of my original material with a live band, I realised that is where I’m meant to be. So now I have shared songs with band members and I’m working with the wonderful Danny J Grant on both his songs and mine to create not just an  EP but a full length album. We have the music and we want to share it!

2019 in my 30th year on this planet and I’m going to make it the best yet!!!