About Me

I was born and raised in a little town in Shropshire doing all the things children should be doing these days like climbing trees and sliding down muddy hillsides with the dogs! When I was indoors, I was learning my classical music foundations playing the flute. I began to find my voice singing along to the likes of Whitney Houston…very loudly…at all hours.

A lot has changed since then! When I was studying performing arts up in Leeds, I was a fairly confident dancer but I really struggled with my voice. I could sing at home, belt out my idol Whitney Houston but when I got into college surrounded by all these other talented teachers and students it just wouldn’t come out. I had this gentle pure voice, which was enough to get me by to start with but the frustration with the lack of control over my nerves became too much. By the time I was rehearsing to perform my final showcase in the West End I was a mess! Not long after leaving college and moving to London, I realised that theatre wasn’t quite the right fit for me but I learnt my craft and had some great opportunities and experiences along the way. 

When I moved to London, I got a job singing at Archer Street Cocktail Bar, Soho. It was a great experience, I found my voice, began to love performing again, my confidence improved, my repertoire improved, I received different audience responses every night and most importantly, I met some amazing artists who became great friends. Every new step has been a battle with nerves; auditions, new bands, new venues, weddings etc. It has taken years of pushing myself to perform as well as reading about nerves and mental health to get where I am today. The nerves still creep in in new situations but I have control over my voice now and I’m lucky enough to be able to call myself a professional singer.

Since moving to London, I found some time to travel Europe, worked in India as a dancer for a month and my proudest achievement to date… performed in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies! The best audition and of course the biggest and best show I’ve ever done. The only thing that could try to top that is when I start travelling the world with my music … That’s the dream!

I’ve been fortunate enough to continue performing around Europe (Madeira, Germany, Holland) and for P&O in Australia as well as performing at lots of weddings and corporate events all over the UK. In the last couple of years I braved it and started performing my own music at open mics and I busked at Edinburgh Fringe Festival (2015) and performed at The Wee Pub – the smallest pub in Scotland!

I now perform with my party band ‘Sustainiacs‘, my duo ‘Soulful Sounds‘, cruise band ‘Spitfire‘ as well as leading a workplace choir for SingForce. I also perform music from the 1920s to the 1950s at care homes a couple of times a week which I find really rewarding.

When I applied online for a job with my band ‘Sustainiacs’ a few years ago, little did I know I would meet Danny J Grant who would become the other half of my originals project ‘Jays‘. We are working on our EP and made our live debut at The Brunswick in Brighton in February 2020. The gig was a success and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved so far. The coronavirus outbreak has meant we’ll need to postpone our studio time to get the drums and final vocals recorded but we’ll be back and fighting when this is all over!